Our services:

  • Outside Bootcamp training – memberships, single classes or more-classes-stamp card with discount- (see Pricelist: Outside Bootcamp Training)
  • Outside Sportswear


Pricelist Outside Bootcamp Training:

Our cheapest way of training: becoming an Outside member.


Membership 1x per week : €35 / per month
^ Missed a week?
You’ve got 2 more weeks to catch up!
Membership 2x per week : €62 / per month
^ Missed a session?
You’ve got 3 more weeks to catch up!

Become a member >>> webshop

Check our terms & agreements (dutch)


Single session:

Single session cost: €12,-
You can get your credit for a single session here: webshop

If the payment is receiverd, we’ll send you a confirmation per e-mail via the e-mailadress we know. There will be a credit on your account which you can use to sign up.
If you don’t have a account yet, here you can create one.


You can also get a digital stempcard (=creditcard).

A creditcard of 8 sessions (12 weeks valid) costs  €76,-
>> webshop<<


When the payment is received, we will send a confirmation email to your known e-mail address. There will then be 8 credits on your account. If you don’t receive a message within 24 hours, feel free to contact us via our contact page. If you do not already have an account, you can create it here.


From the moment that credits are on your account, you can register for a training session up to half an hour in advance. Unsubscribe up to 2 hours in advance. The credit of this credit card is valid for 12 weeks.


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